Christmas Shorts



Christmas Shorts

by Matt Hoverman

City Lights Theater Company


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"Am I so wrong to believe that people aren’t fragile, that they could actually handle it if I wish them the wrong holiday salutation? Am I so awful to suggest that we could treat each other like adults and not Christmas tree ornaments?!"
--Ned Binghamton III

Press “To give the set of plays a little bit of a spin, City Lights has brought in five up-and-coming directors from the Bay Area and given them each one of the plays. Diahanna Davidson, Jeffrey Lo, Jenny Hollingworth, Heather Noelle Robinson and Janice Wessner bring a sure touch…it is a perfect little holiday diversion — funny, entertaining and with just enough warmth of the holidays.”
Charlie McCollum, the San Jose Mercury News
Directors Diahanna Davidson, Jenny Hollingworth, Jefffrey Lo, Heather Noelle Robinson, and Janice Wessner
X-mas Cards directed by Heather Noelle Robinson
Scenic Design Ron Gasparinetti
Costume Design Jane Lambert
Lighting Design Nick Kumamoto
Sound Design George Psarras
Jimmy Allan, Luke Chapman, Sara Renee Morris, Jeff Newton, Morgan Voellger
Production Photos Robyn Winslow